DEQ-S1000A Amplifier

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The new 48-bit Sound processor from Pioneer allow users to optimize the sound quality of their factory fitted audio System. It not only adds clarity to the stock system?s sound, but it also gives various sound tuning options to the user. All the audio setting can be intuitively controlled by smartphone.Universal Sound Processor with easy control with Android and iOS.The output of factory fitted stereo is tuned to match the factory fitted speakers, therefore even when the speakers are replaced, the sound from the higher quality speakers will still be limited. Pioneer sound processor can cancel the factory audio tuning and create an altogether new sound stage that?s best suitable to the new speakers and car interior.Controls of the processor can be done through Pioneer?s app called Sound Tune. The app is quiet easy to understand and user. For the factory fitted units that donot support music playback from smartphone, the processor can play music too with USB connection. The app is available for both Android and iPhone.This universal sound processor incorporates Pioneer
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